About the Hippodrome:

This venue dates back to at least the 1600s, with the site in regular use as a performing arts space since Roman times. The land on which the current Hippodrome is built forms a natural ampitheatre, which the Romans loved for outdoor theatre, music and games, among other entertainment. As Costa del Sol was developed subsequently throughout Medieval times, the site was built upon several times over. The stone framework around the building is hundreds of years old, though the interior was largely restored after a fire in the Spanish Civil War.

The current theatre is a relatively intimate performance space, at 3700 seats. It has marvelous acoustics, and has been in regular use as a venue for music, comedy, theatre and other performance art throughout its life. A historical site and national treasure, it features magnificent plasterwork on the interior, with many sculptures adorning the edge of the mezzanine and balcony. Visitors may tour the grounds and view the statues, stage, and adjacent art galleries during business hours, provided there is no matinee being shown. We are managed by the National Trust, with additional supports from Andalusia state grants.

Inquiries? Send us an email at info@hipodromocostadelsol.com